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How to become a teacher

We offer author courses but if you would like to join our team to teach IT courses and help people acquire new skills, you should apply for this job offer. To do this you need to know the Instructor's Regulations.
- Study the requirements for candidacy and selection procedures. Generally, to work as a trainer, you must have an academic degree in IT, experience in this area and knowledge of basic technologies and tools. - Gather all the necessary documents, such as resume, certificates and recommendations from previous employers. - Pass the test of theoretical and practical knowledge of teaching IT courses. - Conduct an interview with committee members and management of the organization to confirm your qualification and ability to work with people. - Obtain an official invitation to work and start teaching. Remember that working as an instructor requires constant training and honing your skills. So follow the latest terms and trends in the IT industry to stay abreast of the latest developments and help your students achieve success.